Short update

After my rather gloomy last post, a lot has happened. I am feeling significantly better, no black cloud currently looming, which is helpful because I am feeling the pressure right now! I have my final rather large assignment due a week today and I am already behind schedule. I may have to ask for an … Continue reading Short update


Sun and black clouds

Today it was sunny and I was in a foul mood all day. Objectively, I had a great day, it was sunny, went for lunch in the park with my partner and a friend... sat in the sun, chatted, had a chill out at home, played cards, watched some TV. All very nice and relaxed … Continue reading Sun and black clouds

This is me

Today for the first time I properly listened to the lyrics of This is me. I am... I actually think I'm a bit speechless. I wanted to cry the first time I heard it because where the hell was this song and this message the whole time I was growing up?